about leigh

I started out early as a food lover.  After all, I was the kindergartener who named "lobster" as her favorite food.  I was lucky enough to grow up in Northern California where we were surrounded by great food and grew a lot of our produce ourselves!  Food appreciation was practically our religion; as a result I love to eat, think, read, and talk about food.  Not much makes me happier than helping a friend figure out what to eat for dinner.


what we eat

At home, I focus on cooking vegetable-centric, flavorful meals, but balance and variety are key!  In one week I may eat quinoa with roasted chickpeas & broccoli drizzled with a tahini-yogurt sauce and then have some Big Cheeze-its (these are my favorite, there's something extra delicious about the big ones).  Though the blog is titled Eat Like a Queen, I'm certainly no food snob.


meal planning

Over the years I learned to use my strength in strategic thinking to my advantage when it comes to meal planning.  I think of it like a food puzzle where I get to be creative with ingredients and cuisines.  It also helps us stay healthy and eat well at home most nights. 


eat like a queen

The idea of the blog came from my husband, who told me one day "you eat like a queen" after I showing him what I'd been eating for lunch.  It stuck in my head & with his encouragement to document what I cook, I decided to start the Instagram account @eatlikeaqueen & now the blog.  I hope you find some inspiration to eat well & appreciate food!  We all deserve to eat like a queen & live well. 

<3 Leigh the Foodie 



The lunches that were fit for a queen. <3